HY Hydraulic Tool Holder-ISO

Deflection runout≦0.003mm (4 times length)
With shock absorption function, increase the surface roughness of the workpiece and extend the life of the tool
Super easy clamping operation design
Good repeatability
Can correspond to the center water
Full range of dynamic balance

動平衡 Balancing

Max.30,000 RPM Or U<= 1gmm


Comparison of size indication and detailed specifications

Order No.
Order number
▲ ∅d∅d1LL1L2Tool Clamping
Depth L3
Tool clamping depth
Pull Stud
Tie rod
Adjustment screw
ISO30 HY06-0606266024.540.931~36PI30T-1HY06-M5
ISO30 HY08-0608286025.540.931~36PI30T-1
ISO30 HY10-07510307535.555.935~40PI30T-1HY08-M6
ISO30 HY12-0751232754055.939~45HY12-CPI30T-1HY08-M6


  • Direct Clamping
  • Tool shank diameter tolerance h6 (h6 Tooling Diameter Tolerance)
  • If you need a water outlet knife handle, please refer toSelection instructions

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