Hydraulic Chuck

Hydraulic Chuck


Can achieve 3μ processing dream without expensive equipment

The locking method adopts hydraulic expansion technology to quickly reach the high precision requirement of 3µ. It also reduces cutting chatter and improves production efficiency by damping vibration reduction performance. It is the first choice for high-performance and high-precision tool holders.

3μ high precision

Deflection runout≦0.003mm

Fast tool change within 10 seconds

Ultra-simple clamping operation design, good repeat accuracy

Vibration reduction reduces machining vibration

With vibration reduction function, increase the surface roughness of the workpiece and extend the tool life

Protect tool spindle and extend equipment life

After a special heat treatment process, the best accuracy and life can be maintained

Accuracy measurement of standard tool shank diameter 4 times the length

Deflection runout≦0.003mm (4 times length)

360° and clamped on both sides

360° and 2 point full clamping method

Feel the precision of 4D 3μm

The same is 3μm, but the length is different

Clamping torque