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PARFAITE once again participated in the 2020 DMG MORI Factory Open Day and Technical Seminar-with "CNC precision toolholders, special toolholders, and RFID tool management" as the three major exhibition themes

November 20, 2020

Puhui Enterprise focused on the three themes of ``CNC Precision Toolholders, Special Toolholders, and RFID Tool Management''. On November 19, Dr. Chen Xinyong represented Puhui Enterprise with ``The key to machining accuracy that you did not find- "The role of the tool holder in precision machining" is the subject of the discussion, and it analyzes the key issues that are often ignored in machining but affect machining accuracy.

PARFAITE participates in the DMG MORI Factory Open Day and Technical Seminar-Special Shaped Knife Holders Won the Industry's Praise

August 5, 2020

PARFAITE Enterprise was recently invited to participate in the 4-day DMG MORI Factory Open Day and Technical Seminar held by the world-renowned machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI from July 14th to 17th. In addition to displaying DMG’s latest five-axis machining center and high-end turning and milling In addition to the compound machine, it also combined the technical capabilities of many partners including PARFAITE Toolholders to jointly exhibit a number of key products that can help customers improve cutting efficiency.