Media news | August 5, 2020

PARFAITE participates in the DMG MORI Factory Open Day and Technical Seminar-Special Shaped Knife Holders Won the Industry's Praise

2020-08-05 Economic Daily Huang Qizhong

Puhui Enterprise Co., Ltd. has nearly 40 years of mature and stable technology foundation, specializing in the design, production and sales of motor built-in high-speed spindles, precision toolholders, and special tools. It is also one of the few in the world that can produce these three high-quality technical products at the same time. Professional manufacturing plant. Recently, I was invited to participate in the 4-day DMG MORI factory open day and technical seminar held by the world-renowned machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori Seiki from July 14th to 17th. In addition to displaying DMG’s latest five-axis machining center and high-end turning and milling machines , Combined with the technical capabilities of many partners including Puhui Toolholders, and jointly exhibited a number of key products that can help customers improve cutting efficiency.   Puhui Enterprise expressed its honor and honor for its participation in this technical seminar. In the seminar, how to improve the overall processing efficiency through ``special shaped tool holders'' was used to share and discuss with the advanced industry in the industry, and proposed three actual processing cases. Analyze the customer's processing bottlenecks and think about how to integrate the tools by forming the knife handle, so as to reduce the number of procedures and tool changes, improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs. Many customers resonated at the scene, and they all expressed that under its small and diverse market trends, the reduction of processing time is the current common issue in the industry, and the design optimization of shaped tool holders and customized tools is indeed a good direction for thinking.

Another highlight of Puhui Enterprise's display is the five-axis machining center machine DMU50 at the actual machine cutting exhibition. The whole machine is equipped with Puhui precision toolholders. According to the different processing conditions, it uses hydraulic toolholders, heat shrinkable toolholders and HER collet toolholders. It adapts to the processing parameters and processing characteristics of each tool, optimizes each process accurately and efficiently, fully presents the excellent performance of DMU50 and seamlessly cooperates with Puhui tool holders, and the finished workpieces on site have won unanimous praise from customers.

Wang Jisheng, general manager of DMG MORI Taiwan, said that through strategic discipline, goal-setting innovation, and efficient structure development, these three elements have enabled DMG MORI to stand at the forefront of the international machine tool industry and successfully cooperate with customers and partners. Realize "One Global Company" with suppliers

     Here, the manager of Puhui Enterprise Wan Zhonghong stated that Puhui not only focuses on the production of high-precision built-in spindles and high-quality toolholders, but also devotes itself to proposing solutions for customers' processing bottlenecks and improving efficiency, creating a win-win situation. Under the influence of the epidemic and recession, many outstanding customers are still found to have demands for transformation and improvement, pursuing technology that keeps pace with the times. Puhui sincerely hopes to assist in the improvement of all aspects of the machinery industry and integrate with the supply chain of the world industry Contribute to the machine tool industry.

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